Praise Song Farm

Smack dab in the middle of Tennessee is our farm. In one of those hilly hollows Tennessee is noted for sits an older farmhouse and a couple of even older barns and outbuildings. Itís a challenge to keep up with 38 acres of trees, pasture, and fences, but our grass eaters help out.

Lively Shetland Sheep, Cashmere goats, and three horses do their job out back, while a few hens and Muskovy ducks patrol the yard. Beautiful French Angora rabbits are kept safe up in the barn. A good-sized garden provides many vegetables and herbs for the table. All in all, we feel we are blessed by God to be able to enjoy this lifestyle.

We usually have animals, artwork, and fiber items for sale. They will be listed under the appropriate category.

You can reach us in the following ways:

Steve and Brenda Morley
Kelda Williamson
Phone: (615) 368-7835

site last updated: 5-30-2008