Horses have always been a passion for us girls. Here are our equine friends:

Hawk, a 17-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding.

Malika, a 35-year-old (that’s right…35!) Paso Fino mare given to us by our friend, Bill Hampton of Watertown, TN.

Gitano, almost 3 years old, also came to us from Bill as a foal. He is a Paso Fino/Walking Horse cross (an accident!). He's growing, and we are trying to teach him what we can from the ground, and are now riding him, also.

We have discovered gaited horses and particularly like the Paso Finos. Gaited horses are horses that were always favored for riding because of their smooth ride. Trotting horses were used more in harness. Gaited horses then fell out of favor in many places, but were still appreciated in some. Tennessee Walking Horses were used on the plantation where an owner might ride one all day and not get tired. Paso Finos originated in South and Central America as descendents of stock brought over by the conquistadors. They are usually small but powerful horses with a seemingly endless supply of restrained energy. They can walk, gait fast or slow, or gallop. Our Malika will give a wonderful energized ride that is amazing for an elderly horse. I call her the Energizer Bunny: she keeps going and going and going…