One of the things Iíve learned to do with wool is felting. Felting? Whatís that? (I answer this question often) Felting is a way of making a garment or fabric from carded wool. Skip the spinning, weaving, and knitting; with just soap, hot water, and a lot of elbow grease and youíve got matted fibers, otherwise known as felt.

Iíve made slippers, hats, purses, and vests; but the most unique thing Iíve done is to create felted pictures using my different colored wool batts. I then turn these into wall hangings, using various fabrics, and embroidering on top of that.

Sometimes a sheep fleece may start felting on the sheep, usually close to the skin. I use these fleeces to make another unique product: felted fleeces. Through a process I developed, I felt the fleece further until it holds together well. You have what looks like a pelt, but you didnít have to skin the sheep to get it, and sheís still out in the pasture growing more wool!