Fine Artwork

I have always been an artist. As a child I drew lots of things. I drew my brother and my sister watching TV, copied illustrations (Bambi), tried to imitate landscapes my grandfather painted, drew my 4-H dairy cows, and lots of horses.

When Kelda became a freshman at Belmont University, I got the desire to learn something new, myself. I felt it was time to get serious about my God-given talent. I found a local studio run by Jody and Pat Thompson, marvelous artists whose work I admire, and am taking classes there. I am finding my desire and my ability taking off and I am learning a lot from them and others there.

I am now exhibiting my work locally. This is a challenge and a learning experience, but it is an opportunity to get out and talk to people about what I do. I have learned that my style is realistic and I love to paint not only animals, but natural objects, things that grow, and things that have warmth and texture. I have done some figure and portrait work, and am excited about the images that come forth on the paper and canvas. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Artwork by Brenda Morley:

(pictures/for sale coming soon!)